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Outrage of Law

Outrage of Law

English version eBook

by Federico Focherini & Massimo Prati –

Federico Focherini was investigated for and then accused of murder and subsequently sentenced by the Court of Rome on 21 January 2010 to six years in prison for the death of his partner Claudia Bianchi, also an IFBB professional bodybuilder (Miss Universe 2002). She died in Rome on 8 March 2004.

Proclaiming his innocence, Focherini continued to fight to prove his innocence. After more than seven years of judicial mishaps delaying the finalisation of his case, officially renounced his right to use prescription for the crimes of “Murder as a result of another crime” and Dealing in illegal substances.” On 23 October 2012, after refusing prescription and requesting that his trial be fast-tracked he was acquitted of both charges by the Court of Modena because “There are no facts to support the charges”. The disastrous consequences of his stay in prison and the defamatory accusations made in the media, combined with the enormous expenses resulting from his legal battle caused him to emigrate to the USA and then, in 2008, to South Africa in an effort to rebuild his life.

The story of Federico Focherini is that of an ordinary citizen who stood alone to defend himself, while still respecting the rules of the trial process. It is a sad tale that is more about human trials than legal ones.

 The title of this book expresses the sentiment that “Outrage of Law” is the only response that can condemn those who use their power as an axe to destroy someone’s life without reason.


Prefazione a cura dello scrittore WALTER SITI

Preface by WALTER SITI



Title: Outrage of Law

Subtitle: A 180 degree review of a disturbing miscarriage of justice

Original title in Italian language: La Legge del disprezzo

Author’s: Federico FocheriniMassimo Prati 

Translated in English by: Magdalena Delport

Publisher: CIESSE Edizioni 

Preface by: WALTER SITI – Winner of the 2013 ‘Strega Prize’

Concluding reflections by: Avv. ALESSANDRO SIVELLI – The Italian criminal justice system

Graphic design and cover by: Luca AlfieriL. A. design

In pictures: Federico Focherini

Description: Autobiographic | Publishing series: BIO

Month / Year of publication: January 2015

ISBN English version eBook: 978-88-6660-149-4

Federico Focherini is an Italian bodybuilder, born in Modena on July 15, 1967.

Italian NABBA Champion 1989, NABBA European Champion 1991, NABBA World Champion 1995, NABBA overall Mister Universe 1996, IFBB Professional (1997-2001), two-time South African IFBB champion 2008 and 2009. A pivotal moment in his bodybuilding career has been participating for South Africa in the IFBB Masters World Championship in Turkey.

Focherini has been actively competing for 28 consecutive years. In 2005 he lived in Tucson (Arizona USA). He has been living and working in Pretoria, South Africa since 2008.

Massimo Prati is an Italian blogger and writer born in Cesena in 1959.

He has been writing about current affairs and organized crime for years. He consults with experts and lawyers on his reports and his blog is known in both Italy and abroad for its professionalism in analysing and discussing current affairs. He is known for his unbiased, independent and accurate relaying of information and exposing official mishandling of the most serious criminal cases both current and from the past.

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